Second short-term joint staff training event

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February 3 – 7, 2020, Madrid, Spain

The second short-term joint staff training event was hosted by the Spanish partners. 35 foreign participants from Bulgaria, Poland, Romania, Portugal and Greece and 9 Spanish teachers and staff of Altius Foundation joined the trainings and shared ideas about the teaching and learning process in the participating countries. The meeting was held in Salesianos Estrecho school.

The training involved plenary sessions and simulations of training activities during which the participants were split in two groups who worked simultaneously.

Agendas of the two group – can be downloaded here.

The training sessions were highly interactive and practical. The participants stepped in the shoes of students, which they enjoyed a lot, and participated in the planned activities – creating drama sketches, artistic work, discussions, organized events, etc. Each training session was followed, and sometimes interrupted by discussions when they commented the proposed activities from the perspective of teachers, suggested adaptations of the lessons considering the specifics of their students and countries, shared cases from their school life, etc.

Altius Foundation made us feel at home in Madrid, helped us see the most interesting sites in the city, and get to know and feel the way local people live.