First short-term joint staff training event

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2-6 September, Craiova, Romania

The first short-term joint staff training event was hosted by the Romanian partners. The participants comprised 28 foreign participants and 8 Romanian teachers and staff of the school inspectorate of Dolj county.

The training involved plenary sessions and simulations of training activities during which the participants were split in two groups because of the group dynamics – working is such a big group wouldn’t ne efficient.

Agendas for the 3 groups who held training sessions simultaneously
Group 1 – agenda
Group 2 – agenda

The training sessions were highly interactive and practical. The participants stepped in the shoes of students, which they enjoyed a lot, and participated in the planned activities – creating sketches, artistic work, discussions, etc. After each training session, they returned to their personality as teachers, and discussed the training, the way they might possibly adapt it with their students considering the local context, discussed case studies from their school life, etc.

After the end of event, all participants filled in an evaluation form (available below).

Evaluation Form